Coaching Department on a next move

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 , Posted by D S Gurung at 11:24 AM

After the completion of Junior Cricket Tournaments of both Boy's and Girl's, coaching department is waiting for the name list of probable’s players for U16 boy's and U19 girl's recommended by the coaches of all participating school. "We want to start the training for both categories from now onwards because we have ACC tournaments next year" said coaching head DS Gurung. About 35 probable’s girls will be included along with the U19 national player’s and about 40 boys in U16 squad. Two weeks fitness camp will be conducted for both the boys and girls in Thimphu Dzongkhag and few matches will be played to analysis the team’s strength and weakness. “We have enough players now, how we prepare them and apply them is our responsibility” said a school coach.

Meeting Chaired by CEO, Jigme Norbu

This year Bhutan Cricket has assigned 7 contract coaches to run school programs and out of that one was lady. “If we don’t provide coaches in school, cricket won’t be played” said coaching head. Increasing in participation cricket today is the fastest growing sport in Bhutan and it indicates that in the near future Bhutan will come out with strong side in all age categories. By comparing cricket 5 years before in Bhutan, now 60% of Bhutanese know what is cricket now. "We want to see more Sub-juniors and Juniors involve in cricket at this stage, result will be seen in future automatically" said CEO Jigme Norbu.

This year Bhutan Cricket has seen many girls playing cricket which showed that cricket is also growing faster amongst girls. Cricket now in Bhutan are played by both girls and boys which is big outcome for what they have planned to achieve in future. “We have to be more professional now because we have change into a bigger organization” said a coaching head.

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  1. Yes, Cricket is really growing fast and more and more Bhutanese youth's are becoming and showing their interest in Cricket. So all the very best and good luck to Bhutan Cricket Council Board.

  1. Menuka says:

    great going...kudos to the commendable efforts made to introduce the sport to schools everywhere.hopefully,with the growing number of interested players,soon cricket in bhutan will have as much priority as the age-old favourite, much for the team of hardworking,dedicated people sweating to develop the sport here.. to better days ahead,khainwo enorimas....