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SONAM TOBGAY: Emerging Coach

Sonam Tobgay, 20, has played a major part in development of Women’s Cricket in Bhutan. National player, Women’s School team coach, he talks to us in Thimphu where his U-16 Girls team made it to the final of U16 School Cricket Championship. He was assigned as coach for Girls & Boy’s for Dechencholing MS School in the year 2008 and both the teams went into final. Most of Women’s U19 National Players are from his school. This year BCCB assigned him in a new school, participating first time in the school tournament and his both teams U16 girls & Boy’s went into finals. Apart from playing cricket he is improving in coaching which helped his playing.

U16 Team of Loselling LS School: Runner's up 2009

How did you start with Cricket?

When I was in Darjeeling, India at the age of 5years, I used to play cricket on the road side with my friends and that’s how I started with cricket. I used to play tennis one-day matches and gradually I started playing for bigger club in Darjeeling (Leather ball).

When did you start playing cricket in Bhutan?

I came to Bhutan in the year 1998 and in the year 1999 I started playing cricket in the district of Thimphu when enthusiasm of cricket was growing amongst people here. After that I joined in a Youth XI club to play in the local club tournaments and at that time BCCB was not established.

How did you get into national squad?

In the year 2004, BCCB conducted a camp for U17 national Team and I thought I should join and give a try. My intention was to learn cricket; but I got selected. So we travelled to Chennai to participate in U17 Asia Cup, organized by Asian Cricket Council.

U19 Team of Dechencholing MS School: Winner 2009

What is your exact job with Bhutan Cricket Council Board?

Basically I am a school coach, coaching department assign me in every year in different schools and I have to form a school team for tournament. I do practice cricket when I am free and keep fit to play in the national team.

Is it tough coaching kids? Where did you learn to coach?

Yes, it is tough. They are young and they want to play more instead of focusing on the drills. Especially, I feel scared of accidents because I will be blamed. It has been very important that I have to be careful of how I demonstrate with them, so that I won’t spoil their techniques. But at the same time I enjoy coaching. I am Level O coach approved by BCCB. I have been learning coaching through Coaching Coordinator who always conduct coaching workshop before he assign any coaches to school and at the same time I am playing cricket which help me to understand more about coaching.

During ACC U19 in Chiang Moi, Thailand 2007

When you look back what differences do you will find cricket today in Bhutan?

Days back and now Bhutan cricket has improved by 60-70%. Cricket was played by few before but now everywhere we can see cricket been played; surprisingly girl play too. We have offices and now every day BCCB is working harder professionally. I believe that cricket will become one of the people loving game in Bhutan.

Is cricket sport or entertainment?

Basically for me it is a sport because it has everything to learn for it but at the same time game has change a lot where people entertain themselves by watching an entertaining match.

During Training Session in Thimphu

Is twenty20 cricket required to be introduced? Will it not affect the purity of game?

Yes. Twenty20 is a different format of game. It is fast and entertaining. I don’t think it will affect the purity of game. ICC or every country is trying to promote cricket and with these different format of game has helped in development of cricket, so I accept this game.

What other sports do you play?

I play football, lawn tennis, Basketball and table tennis but cricket has been my best sport.

Message for Youth

If you see other side of life, it is very beautiful. Biggest gift that you have ever got in your life is your name and after you die people will remember you by your name. So make your name proud, make your family proud. Play sports because you will get to learn everything from it like: Team work, hard work, Discipline, dedication, skills, etc. Cheer & Tashi Delek!

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